Pretty in Pink at Meryll’s Bat Mitzvah

Sometimes we have the chance to enjoy time with a client in more than one setting or during multiple events. It’s a treat to be able to capture different sides of their personalities and their interaction together in photographs. Meryll’s Bat Mitzvah, the last we covered in 2014, was one of these gems. Working with her fun-loving family was such a joyful way to close out the year. We got to join them for a portrait session, her Bat Mitzvah rehearsal at The Temple, a family gathering at their new home and a gorgeous celebration at the Piedmont Driving Club following the ceremony.

Meryll and her Mom chose their favorite photos from the portrait session for her signing book. I love that it perfectly captures her beautiful smile and her sense of humor. The shots of Meryll alone are gorgeous but we also love the ones with her family. She and her Dad, Lee, are just so sweet together! Mom Sarah is hilarious and couldn’t have been more fun to work with. Their affection is so genuine that capturing beautiful moments with a lot of personality was a cinch.

The family ushered in Shabbat by lighting candles that were a wedding gift to Sarah and Lee from special friends who were at the party. It was beautiful to witness Meryll’s friends and family reciting the blessing.

The focus was on fun at the celebration at the Driving Club with musical entertainment flown in especially from Chicago. Guests made flipbooks courtesy of Flippitydooda (Sarah’s own company) and got to take them home as favors. The flash tattoos and headbands were also a HUGE hit!

Event planners Amy and Kate from Alchemy Event Studio outdid themselves with the glitter-themed decor and delectable food. Wow!  The Driving Club is a gorgeous venue on its own but they made it truly magical–a teenage girl’s dream!

We also captured some great video from the celebration…We’ll be sharing some snippets soon!

Mazel tov on this wonderful milestone, Meryll! We were so happy to be a part of it.